Saturday, April 4, 2009

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Joseph C. Kreps, managing partner of Kreps Law Firm LLC, focuses his practice on the defense of DUI and traffic violation cases including those in Alabama. With a new, harsher DUI law coming up in the Alabama State Senate, Mr. Kreps explains why newer laws aren't needed in Alabama:

The statistics are clear. They show a downward trend in alcohol related traffic fatalities over the past two decades. The numbers are skewed because an “alcohol-related” case can be one where an empty beer can was found in the car or outside of the case and does not necessarily mean that a driver was impaired. Current laws are working. Contrast this decrease with the statistics in Wisconsin where almost half of traffic fatalities involve alcohol. Of particular interest is that Wisconsin has DUI laws that are stricter than Alabama's.

Can this discrepancy be explained by enforcement practices? Does Alabama arrest more drivers for DUI? No. Wisconsin, with a similar population, arrests more than twice as many of its citizens for DUI. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) published a study in 2006 that showed Alabama had one of the lowest rates of impaired (drug or alcohol) driving in the country (11%, with the national average of 15% and a high, in Wisconsin of 26.4%). Plainly, Alabama residents do not drink and drive as much as the rest of the nation.

Laws that merely mimic what other states are doing, without considering Alabama's actual problems are a waste of time and resources. Political grandstanding (to gain a law and order image) ends up putting an undue burden on those few of our citizens who have problems with alcohol. When current law suffices, there is no need to increase penalties beyond reason. Alabama and other states will never stop first-time and repeat DUI offenders unless we deal with the real problem – social and chemical addiction to alcohol. This requires a genuine desire to stop drinking and driving and also, a shift in focus from punishment to education, treatment, and monitoring.

Too many defendants plead guilty when charged with a DUI, leading to lifelong consequences. Increased insurance rates, motor vehicle costs, jail time, fines, loss of driving privileges and a criminal record are just a few likely results. By retaining experienced and knowledgeable counsel immediately, some of these outcomes can be avoided or reduced in severity. Kreps Law Firm DUI defense attorneys can guide the process, evaluate options, and judge the merits of the case. Pleading guilty without representation a thorough investigation is almost always a mistake.

Kreps Law Firm, LLC practices DUI defense statewide including Alabama. Mr. Kreps supports education and treatment for those suffering from alcohol addiction. Simply increasing the fines and penalties for drunken driving offenses is not a long term solution; rather, such harsh measures simply turn an abuse problem into a serious criminal offense with life altering consequences. Conviction for DUI leads to higher insurance rates, jail time, license suspension, fines, costs, additional motor vehicle costs and can ruin employment prospects. A criminal record is not the solution to a cultural and biological problem.

Joseph C. Kreps is an Alabama DUI Defense Attorney focusing on DUI and traffic violation cases throughout the state. Mr. Kreps is a certified Standardized Field Sobriety Test Practitioner and Instructor per NHTSA/IACP guidelines. He is also a member of the National College for DUI Defense. To discuss your pending Alabama DUI Drunk Driving charge, please call Kreps Law Firm, LLC at (866) 348-2889, or email us at . You can also visit our firm website at .

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